DPNE’s joke of a “no confidence’ vote was the excuse to return to Parliament


Do we start with today’s joke, the ‘no-confidence’ vote by DPNE, or with Mickoski’s meeting with US Ambassador Jess Baily (three times in March) that eventually led to the sham vote today.

Everyone knew the DPNE had zero chance to to win a ‘no-confidence’ vote against Zaev. But Mickoski felt “very upbeat” he would get it, at least in his interviews during the past week.

In reality, something else was on the agenda. The SDS cannot change the name (it won’t look good) when the opposition is boycotting Parliament. MINA reported from sources in the SDS that the name was agreed back in December of 2017 to be UpperMacedonia. This is not a typo, at the time this was the agreement, we aren’t certain if the two words are now disconnected, and it doesn’t matter.

The so called name “negotiations” thus far have been and are a complete sham, a show for the masses.

To make everything ‘stick’, Micko, the DPNE mathematician who isn’t good at math, was told by Jess Baily that DPNE must be back in Parliament to make the whole process look legit. Micko promised to relay his message to the Executive Board and they quickly obliged. However, once again, to avoid looking like the sellouts they are, they came up with the dumbest idea of all (DPNE tradition since 2012), to call for a “no-confidence” vote as a way for them to return to Parliament.

The vote came and went as expected, failed 40-62, and the DPNE is back in Parliament.

This is how seriously the ‘no-confidence’ vote was taken by MPs – most watched Real Madrid – Juventus while the vote took place.