DPNE’s Miloshoski posts name change timeframe on FB


1. Defining the New name in the following days through the back channel communication between Zaev & Tsipras
2. Signing the name-change agreement by Tsipras & Zaev in Prespa meeting, early June.
3. The name-change agreement goes to the Parliament in Skopje, to be approved by 61 MPs simple majority vote.
4. Greece will send a letter to NATO to say “yes” to Skopje’s accession under conditionality (ie. membership only after the constitutional change)

5. Greece will send letter to the EU that supports Skopje accession talks, under conditionality that Constitution change happens in the period of 12 months at latest
6. On 28 June, Zaev will be invited to the EU summit to officially receive a date for the start of accession negotiations.
6-a. On 11-12 July, Skopje will receive an official invitation for NATO.
7. A referendum will take place in Skopje in October. Zaev wants an outcome showing that majority of his citizens accept the framework name change agreement.
8. Based on the expected strong referendum approval by social-Democrats and Albanian voters, Zaev will ask the Parliament from position & opposition parties to support by 2/3 majority the constitutional changes of the name. If some MPs articulate strong opposition to the name-change, Special Prosecution and other government institutions will exert appropriate pressure.
9. The agreement on the name change of Skopje will come to the Greek Parliament for voting, and afterwards the ratification process for the NATO membership will start in other countries.
10. UN, EU & NATO countries will recognize the new name.

  • Legenda Patriot

    This rubbish must never see the light of day!

  • Belinda Dellios

    Traitor! Traitor! Trailor! Stop torchuring the Macedonian people.