DPNESDS jointly forcing people to vote as turnout climbs to 34% at 5pm


DPNE and SDS have joint forces in forcing the Macedonian public to go out and vote during this weekend’s presidential elections.

Party activists are loading up buses, knocking on people’s apartments telling them to go out and vote. Often people are offered free ride to the voting place. The takeaway is that DPNE&SDS are jointly working in an attempt to achieve the needed turnout.

The turnout is below average even among hardened SDS and DPNE members, hovering around 40% in Macedonian municipalities. What is missing is the huge ballot stuffing by DUI operatives normally seen in the western part of the country where turnout can often get as high as 103%. However, there is still 30 minutes left, enough for 200,000 votes to simply ‘appear’.

DUI’s plan is to request additional demands (Central Bank Governor, amnesty for all DUI criminals etc), to further bi-nationalize the country in exchange for ballot stuffing for the second round of voting.