Dubai Shows Off Human Jet Pack That Does 150MPH


It was just days ago that we reported about Disney’s new dystopian flying robotic acrobats that were taking the place of stunt actors and were capable of performing flips and changing body positioning in mid-flight.

Today, we move a step closer to human superheroes. Pilot Vince Reffe, who is referred to as Jetman Dubai, was recently videotaped flying around the city in a human jetpack that draws comparisons to comic book characters like Iron Man.

In a video that has been going around on Twitter Monday that originated with The Crown Prince Hamdan Mohammed, Reffe is seen hovering with his jetpack over the water outside the city of Dubai.

He then turns the jetpack toward the city and blasts off at what appears to be well over 100 miles per hour, at one point flying straight up into the sky, mimicking fighter jet moves.

It was estimated that he reached “as much as 1,800 meters” in the air in a matter of seconds, according to TMZ. The pilot then performs some acrobatics, before coming back down to land using a parachute.

And the jetpack doesn’t just look badass, either.
It sounds like a small jet engine aircraft. You’ll want to turn the sound on for this video