DUI #2 (Alternative) will join DUI’s Government, bringing SDSM Ministers to just 2


Orhan Murtezani, spokesperson for DUI’s sister party, the Alternative party, told a news conference tonight that the party decided to join the current parliamentary majority and the government.

This is the decision from the meeting of the Central Council of Alternative, made after three meetings of Alternative leader, Afrim Gashi with the resigned Prime Minister and SDSM leaderZoran Zaev, where they discussed Alternative’s participation in the Government and their four MPs supporting the parliamentary majority. 

Murtezani informed that all agreed points will be officially signed tomorrow by the two leaders of the parties, Zaev and Gashi.

MINA finds, Gashi will receive 3 Ministerial positions (Health, Informatics, Diaspora), three deputy Ministers and 47 directorial positions at Government institutions, among which are (MEPSO, Hospitals, Railways, Prisons, Libraries, Theaters, Archives, Police, the Postal Service, Roads etc.)