DUI and SDSM stuff more ballots in Kumanovo than registered voters


The SEC has nullified the voting in Kumanovo (polling station 1008 & 1008/1), after it was revealed the number of voters in the last 30 minutes before the polls closed went from 20% and 30% respectively to 101% therefore exceeding the number of registered voters.

We’ve already pointed out there was massive Referendum Fraud in an effort to assist the “Yes” vote via ballot stuffing in at least 12 Macedonian cities and that the real turnout for the referendum hovered around 20%, not 36.8% even though this in itself is quite low.

With the voting in polling stations 1008 and 1008/1 nullified the turnout now drops to 36.1%. The SEC has stated there will be no re-vote at these locations as the Referendum had already failed and re-vote could not change the outcome.

In addition, there are multiple lawsuits pending for Referendum fraud against SDSM and DUI for ballot stuffing.

Here is DUI and SDSM getting carried away with ballot stuffing in Kumanovo.

Results, half an hour before the polls closed:

Polling Station Registered voters Total Votes at 6:30pm Turnout
1008 595 182 30,59%
1008/1 768 158 20,57%

Results – Polls closed

Polling Station Registered voters Total Votes: Polls Closed Turnout
1008 595 599 100,67%
1008/1 768 775 100,91%


Update: SEC is now investigating ballot stuffing in Centar Zupa, there too there is a 300% increase of votes in the last half an hour of voting to bring the turnout to 100%.

Despite the SEC confirming massive Referendum fraud in favor of the “yes” campaign, and nullifying voting results at polling stations, public prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski has been an utter and absolute disgrace and has continued to ignore all criminal acts by Zaev, the SDSM and DUI.

  • vistina

    World record in electoral fraud. 101% turnout which is physically impossible and most of it done in the last 30 minutes before poll closed. This should be submitted for entry in the Guiness Book of Records.

    Will the visiting EU representatives comment on this? Why the silence? This cannot be hidden and the whole world can see.

    This and all the other electoral breaches must be investigated promptly. In these voting locations where fraud was reported for future elections there must be installed additional scrutineers and observers from all the parties and independent international observers from a few sources and organisations from 6am to midnight. This is an embarassment to Macedonia on the world stage and cannot be allowed to happen in the future.