DUI bandits cancel idiotic idea to parade dead bodies from Bus Accident around Skopje


The incredibly idiotic Macedonia’s Foreign Ministry called off its plans for a televised funeral procession for the 45 passengers killed in the Besa Trans bus disaster. Bulgarian authorities organized the transport of the bodies to the Skopje airport this morning, after they were identified using DNA samples.

The Foreign Ministry yesterday announced that it plans to televise the procession from the airport to the Boris Trajkovski sports hall and parade the bodies around Macedonia’s capital before being handed over to their families. The plan also provided that a large screen is set up in downtown Skopje, where people can gather and follow the procession.

But this morning DUI’s bandits who are directly responsible for the bus accident (BESA Trans operated without a license for three years and had no right to transport passengers), on request of the families, and being cursed out by thousands of people on social media, stated the bodies will not be paraded and be handed over to the families immediately after the Bulgarian transport lands on the Skopje airport.

Meanwhile… here is Zaev, laughing it up as dead bodies were unloaded from the plane…