DUI Bandits to Quit their Posts if DPNE sells country, again


All Government ministers from the DUI party and the top DUI party officials have “submitted tentative resignations” from their positions – these will go into effect if DPNE sells the country and votes in favor of the constitutional amendments drafted under Bulgarian pressure.

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti sent a letter to the unelected Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, notifying him about this decision of the party.

DUI already offered to leave the Government if that would entice DPNE to approve the amendments with immediate effect.

All DUI ministers submit their resignations – they would go into effect if VMRO votes for the constitutional amendments

DPNE rejected this proposal and has asked for either amendments with delayed effect – at the end of Macedonia’s EU accession process, or that a new Government is formed, without DUI, which will negotiate a better deal with Bulgaria and the EU. After SDSM and DUI used the negotiating process to misrepresent DPNE’s positions, the opposition party said that it withdraws these proposals and calls for early elections as the only way out of the political crisis.

Following DUI’s logic, I’ve submitted my “tentative resignation” to my supervisor which he can activate only if I find a job that pays double.