DUI idiots ensure coronavirus lives on with political rallies


DUI party official Bujar Osmani shared photographs from the party rally in Struga, which showed zero respect for social distancing.

Most parties are trying to hold small campaign events and instruct their supporters to stay at a two meters distance from each other. But Osmani, who is somehow a doctor and is in charge of coordinating the coronavirus relief effort, happily shared pictures in which it is visible that DUI is going for large rallies with no distancing. On the feast of St. George, Osmani angrily rebuked Christian worshippers in Struga for holding their annual procession without distancing.

Macedonia is in the midst of a major Second Wave of the epidemic, sparked by the month of Ramadan, during which Muslim families gather for long, often overnight feasts, that proved to be grounds for quick spread of the virus. Struga is among the badly hit cities, especially in the surrounding villages which have many emigrants working in northern Italy.

DUI holds a mass rally in Struga with zero social distancing