DUI puts an Architect to run a Psychiatry Clinic


The Ministry of Interior is raising their eyebrows that 200,000 Macedonians have left the country in the past two years alone. Some call this migration, we call it evacuation.

Macedonia is now a de-facto failed state. Nothing functions, when you got to Governmental institutions more often than not, the support staff who is supposedly there to assist you is from Kosovo and doesn’t speak Macedonia, the benefit of having two albanian parties forming a Government (SDSM & DUI).

DUI affiliated taxi drivers are head police commanders in the capital and elsewhere, students who have not graduated from University are becoming attorneys and prosecutors and hospitals are now required to have 50% Macedonians and 50% Kosovo Albanians.

Latest information out of Prilep is that 120 children quit their schools and with their families have moved away to the EU/North America. Last month, more than 150 students in Tetovo quit their schools citing as reason “migrating to another country”.

Schools are increasingly empty, and to make it worse, many of the teachers have also left the country, so in some schools in Skopje there is an immediate need for teachers, salary is 32,000 denars ($550), so if you’re up for it…

Meanwhile, the latest addition to the failed state was DUI’s Muhsin Arifi, an architect who will be in charge of the only Psychiatric Clinic in the capital. Patients are in safe hands, particularly if they are interested in remodeling their rooms.


Not even Jesus and the 12 Apostles can give any hope to Macedonia. This is just gone…