DUI talibans open HQ in Chair, fire guns into the air


DUI’s election headquarters in Cair was opened with ovations, applause and gunfire. The Artan Grubi, the current mayor and candidate for a second term in Cair, Visar Ganiu and the MP, DUI vice president and former mayor of the municipality, Izet Medziti addressed the audience at the opening of the headquarters for the local elections.

The firing guns into the air by DUI talibans was intended to greet the former mayor of Cair, Izet Mexhiti.

It is not the first time that firearms are used at election rallies or during DUI election celebrations.

Visar Ganiu came to the mayoral post in Cair with gunfire, and there was also gunfire involved last year on Skenderbeg Square, when DUI was celebrating the victory in the parliamentary elections in that part of the city.