DUI tells SDSM: ex terrorist and Army deserter Talat Xhaferi will be Interim PM


The DUI party, despite having only 15 MPs in Parliament, are the dominant partner in the coalition with SDSM just announced that it will nominate Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi as interim Prime Minister.

DUI expects the right to appoint a Prime Minister for the last 100 days of the Government – which is part of the deal its leader Ali Ahmeti reached with the Strumica criminal Zoran Zaev after the inconclusive 2020 elections. Xhaferi is a former army officer who deserted and joined the UCK terrorist group during the 2001 civil war and is directly responsible for the Vejce massacre. He was a Government minister and member of Parliament before SDSM and DUI nominated him as Speaker in 2017, during the political crisis that followed the US sponsored “colored revolution”. His illegal election as Speaker sparked a major incident in the Parliament.


He has been a loyal DUI party soldier in Parliament, towing the line of the DUI. At the moment it’s not clear whether the coalition will try to elect a new Speaker of Parliament – if not, it’s possible that for a brief period of time Xhaferi holds all three main positions in the country – given that Macedonia also holds presidential elections in 2024.