DUI’s Ahmeti a terrorist, diagnosed as Schizophrenic by Swiss Government, 20 years in charge of Macedonia


DUI President Ali Ahmeti moved to Switzerland in the 1980’s providing a diploma purchased at Prishtina University to obtain asylum in the country as a “political dissident”. Early in his stay, Swiss psychiatrists diagnosed him with schizophrenia and deemed him unfit to work, for which state pension was provided.

Over the past 20 years, no Macedonian party or Government official has provided a single shred of information on the status of Ahmeti’s schizophrenia, whether he is fit to work in the country, let alone in Government.

For a Government official, this information must be publicly available. Yet, it isn’t.

Schizophrenia is a fairly broad notion of mental illness, however all patients have specific ‘rights’ in front of the law. Namely, diagnosed schizophrenics are not entirely capable of reasonably functioning independently. In any sort of conflict with the law another individual steps in to represent a schizophrenic patient.

Ahmeti has never disclosed the degree of his mental disease or the medications he is taking. Yet, this individual with a documented mental illness for 20 years is signing political agreements, and today is changing Macedonia’s constitution.

What is also symptomatic is that DUI’s Ali Ahmeti has a ban on entry into the United States, but also Switzerland and six other EU countries where he is on a “black list” of undesirable persons under the “threat to the general security”.

In other words, Ahmeti is considered a terrorist by 6 EU countries, USA and Switzerland. But he is in Macedonian Parliament and Government. To make the absurdity complete, the DUI leader is a frequent honorary guest in EU Embassies of the countries who consider him a terrorist.

US excels in this area, it will not let Ahmeti visit the country, however the US Embassy (a US territory), has hosted Ahmeti dozens of times.

Switzerland expelled Ahmeti in late 1999 due to his radical islamic views. Official Bern also nullified his disability pension, which the Macedonian Government has been paying since 2002.

For his terrorism activities, Ahmeti spent two years in jail.
Since then, as a diagnosed schizophrenic a terrorist and a politician he’s involved in changing Macedonia’s constitution.

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    What the hell is going on with this bunch of f..ckwits? Flush this retard down the sewer now! Which other country in the world would allow such corruption in Govt and humiliation of the population?

  • Goran Stavreski

    Macedonia is like a part of Monty Python episode.

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    burn down the parliament with all of them in there