DUI’s gangsters fire shots towards Macedonian protesters in front of police


SDSM’s coalition partner DUI has activated its bandits and narco gangsters as Macedonians continue their protests against their criminal Government who is on the verge of selling Macedonia’s language and history to Bulgaria so they can maintain their power and keep their coalition going.

As tens of thousands of protesters were marching, in the presence of police DUI activists fired shots toward the protesters. Fortunately, no one was hit.

MINA finds from sources within the SDSM that the individual who fired the shots is DUI activist and brother of Komunalec director Enis Jusufi.


Take a look at the “police”… bandits are shooting, and instead of neutralizing the target, they are simply watching.

Man with red circle around is Sali Ramadan… a policeman. Spasovski has turned the police into UCK, aligned with criminals.