DUI’s psychopath Arber Ademi loses his mind in Parliament


DUI’s Arbr Ademi who apparently would feel more at home in a psychiatric ward went mental in Parliament today and assaulted MPs by throwing objects at them. This happened during discussion of a Parliamentary group whether to increase the mandates for judges.

This is a sensitive issue for DUI’s Arbr Ademi as most of the judges whose mandate is under review are on DUI’s payroll.

Macedonia already a lawless pit and sh&thole of epic proportions is morphing into a form unknown to us. Congratulations to the opposition MPs for getting locked up and beaten by DUI and SDSM in Parliament and despite all of it, continue their faithful obedience to DUI and SDSM.

Meanwhile, take a look at Arber Ademi, the DUI psychopath and Minister of Education with a fake diploma throwing plates and cups at MPs…