DUISDS replaces Muslim leader for not providing enough votes


Classic forgery are the documents by which Skender Buzaku was appointed as the head of the IRC (Islamic Religious Community), claimed clerks in the Islamic religious community. The documents brought from the Skopje Court 2 on which the court passed the decision were reportedly completely untrue. Neither the press nor the minutes did not correspond to the originals. The IRC says the whole case is politically mounted from the current government and illegally assisted by the judge who made the decision.

MINA finds this decision is indeed very political and its timing was not accidental. Namely, Zaev and Ahmeti were unhappy with the Albanian voter turnout during the first round of the presidential elections. They believed the current IRC’s head Sulejman Rexhepi did not do his job in forcing the muslim community to head to the polls. What is often looked over is the fact that nearly 40,000 invalid ballots were cast, numbers not seen before. These were people who were forced to vote, however when entering the polls circled two or more candidates at the same time and made their vote invalid.

Buzakou did not disclose details of the documents that the court used to decide as the reason of his take over as head of the IRC. He said that all the rules of the Islamic Religious Community were respected.

The court said the documents that arrived from the IRC showed that Sulejman Rexhepi resigned late last month after which the new chief prosecutor appointed Buzaku. On the basis of these documents, the civil court wrote Buzakou as the first person on the IRC.

“The court does not make any changes, but it implements and confirms the decisions of the religious community that were adopted at an extraordinary session of the Riyaset. Regarding the question whether the irrevocable resignation of Rexhepi is a forgery or not, we would like to inform you that this may be the subject of another procedure, “said the court’s announcement.

Rexhepi for his part said he never resigned or signed his name on any resignation letter, adding the document was forged by the Government.