Dutch suspend visa-free Travel for Albanians


The Parliament of Netherlands voted in favor of removing the visa-free travel with Albania, arguing that there is an increased criminality from Albanian members in their country.

The voting will allow the Netherlands to address the request in Brussels, where the last word will be given by the EU.

Five political parties, with 93 MPs out of 150, agreed that the Albanian criminals in the Netherlands had abused with the visa-free regime. Hence, they are demanding the visa-travel to be imposed back to the country.

The Dutch MPs said that this is an emergent request, as many Albanians are arriving in the Netherlands as tourists, to get involved with the drug traffic and clandestines.

The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs told the Parliament that this request is excessive and that it would only complicate things with Albania.

  • V.M.

    The tribe is blocked by the Netherlands….