Earth splitting in two? Massive cracks appear in Saudi Arabia


Our Earth splits in two as giant fissure appears in the desert of Saudi Arabia.

Giant cracks are opening all around the world. While terrifying landslide and fissures are perforating the ground in Peru, another large and unexplained geological event split the Earth in two over at least 200 meters in desertic Saudi Arabia.

The deep crack is still growing. It was discovered on February 27, 2018, in Al-Majma’a Governorate, north of Riyadh.

Government geologists are currently investigating the strange ground fissure, extending over 200 meters and splitting the Earth in two.

The 200 meter main crack probably appeared after heavy rain.

Our Earth is crumbling down.

  • jj

    Maybe excessive oil pumping for so many years has caused this.
    Meanwhile Peru is on a major fault line.

  • Goran Stavreski

    From what I know, the Earth is a self managed system. Nothing we do can prevent it from what it needs to do. Quakes and this sort of cracks would appear at any place where the Earth is ‘suffocating’. Japan is probably the best example for this.

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