Easter weekend ends sourly for Macedonians returning from Greece


Dozens of families, instead of returning home with nice memories from the Easter weekend, traditionally spent shopping and vacationing in Greece, say they will remember it a bit differently thanks to the demolition of their vehicles.

The car of a Kavadarci family, which was staying in a hotel in Afytos, was demolished on Saturday evening. It was parked in front of the hotel, only twenty meters from the entrance, but nobody heard, or saw anything, Fokus reports.

Broken glasses, mirrors, slashed tires … They called the police, a report was made. The police nodded to the family, promising they’ll be on the lookout, and that’s where it all usually ends.

They assume that a metal object was used during the savage demolition of their car. Before that, they hadn’t argued or had any problem with anyone.

A Fokus news team reported it saw several jeeps near a gas station in Gevgelija with completely broken windows and mirrors.

They were returning from the prolonged weekend in Greece, but refused their identity to be revealed and did not want to publicly discuss their problems.

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    I honestly don’t understand why do anyone wants to go and spend their money there , there are much better places to go and where people can accept you for who you’re,