Education Min Carovska: I have other insane ideas like No books, only tablets & laptops


Mila Carovska remains deaf and more and more intensely and utterly stubbornly insists on the multitude of inappropriate solutions, which take the form of nonsense from the Concept for “Reform in Primary Education”.

In the latest idiotic idea by the SDSM, the Education Minister Carovska (spent 18 years working for Soros-run NGOs)┬áhas suggested Elementary school children will use electronic devices and not textbooks. This “idea” will turn the already underpaid teachers into tech-support, as one can venture a guess, these tablets/laptops do break down, not to mention they need to be constantly charged, while most Macedonian schools have 0 to 1 outlets in a classroom.

MINA finds the real reason for this idiotic idea is Zaev’s plan for a Government contract for procurement of tablets/laptops, which will allow SDSM officials to pocket millions of euros, considering they’re all aware they are on their way out. It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with education or helping schoolchildren, it will actually make matters much worse for both the teachers and students.