Educational Minister in Macedonia forcing children to take Survey on Sex partners


A new controversy over the type of sexual education programs Zaev’s far left Education Minister Mila Carovska is trying to impose on children erupted in Bitola.

Elementary school pupils in the “St. Clement” school were given a questionnaire that contained questions such as “have you taken a sexually explicit photo in the gym or in the restroom and posted it online?”, “have you had sexual relations with someone five years older than you?”, “do you have suicidal tendencies?” and “are your parents alcoholics?”, Macedonian media reported.
The questionnaire was conducted by professor Dimitrinka Jordanova Pesevska from the so called “University American College” from Skopje, as a project against bullying.

We were not informed about the questions the children will be asked. Professor Jordanova – Pesevska insisted that she can’t do so because of privacy issues and alleged copyright concerns. As parents, we demand to know the full extent of the questions the children were asked. These type of questions are suggestive, said Ljubica Musulanova – Ristevska, president of the board of parents in the school, who is sounding the alarm about the query.

The issue of sexual education in Macedonia came to the front of the local election campaign recently, when it was revealed that the city of Skopje funded a scout group that conducts sexually explicit “education camps” with underage children. The scout group was also funded by the Soros Foundation in Macedonia and was supported by HERA, the far left NGO group where Minister Mila Carovska worked for over a decade.

Meanwhile, Carovska told parents that if they purchase books for their kids, they are damaging them… this is likely to go down in history as the dumbest statement made not by an Education Minister, but by a human being.