Eftov: Xhaferi was ordered to run over protesters


The actual coup was suppose to start on April 26th, not April 27th, when UCK’s illegal Parliament speaker Talat Xhaferi was ordered to run over protesters gathered in front of Parliament with his Audi.

The obvious goal was to stage a large incident and provoke the mass of people – says journalist Vasko Eftov in his latest show.

SDS’ MP Frosina Remenski used her husband (Jovche Remenski) who is a policeman to clear the way for Xhaferi to run over protesters by letting his vehicle go through a police cordon.

When faced with protesters, Remenski was seen pacing nervously with walkie-talkie in his hands, however Xhaferi appeared unable to go through with his task and turned his vehicle around after coming just 5m away from protesters.

The provocation then was staged the following day in Parliament.