EHF kicks out Greece from handball Championship, fines them 25,000 euros


Greece’s U17 handball national team was kicked out from the European Championship by the EHF in a written communique issued this morning at EHF HQ in Vienna.

The EHF was shocked that Greece continues to mix their political views in sports, and even worse it continues to corrupt their youth who didn’t get to play a single match.

Greece’s coaching staff removed their players over a ‘t-shirt’ worn by Macedonian coaching staff. The Greek delegation started issuing orders to the referees and the delegate of the match what they ought to be doing and punish the Macedonian side.

When their demands were not met, the Greek delegation removed their players and sent a written complaint to the EHF requesting a punishment for Macedonia.

Instead, the EHF expelled the Greek National team from the competition and fined their handball federation 25,000 euros, likely to be paid by Berlin as part of the next bailout.

  • Peter T

    Just desserts.

  • Its Just Me

    FINALLY Justice for Greece 🙂