End of NATO? France to send soldiers to Manbij to protect Kurds from Turkey


French President Emmanuel Macron met with a Kurdish PYD delegation in Paris, Thursday, to discuss several topics, including the Turkish military’s invasion of northern Syria.

According to a report from the France-based Marianne Magazine, Macron vowed to send the French military to the key city of Manbij, following threats from the Turkish regime regarding a possible invasion.

“France will send troops to the town of Manbij, alongside U.S. forces, in order to block the Turkish offensive on the city,” the Marianne report added.

If true, this will likely increase the tensions between the French and Turkish regimes, as their diplomatic ties are already on the rocks after Macron’s criticism of Turkey’s Afrin operation.

  • Steven Arviv

    And here we go Ladies and Gentlemen… it begins. France and the US wild side with the Turks. Turkey will turn to Russia. Revolts against the Cultural Marxists/Leftists/Socialists will being in most of the European countries and we have the start of another cold war. But tis time the west are the socialists.

  • Billy

    The US doesn’t want to face the Turks alone, it had to have one of its Euro vassals with them. And who better than an ‘army’ led by a pedofile.