Erdogan: Turkey doesn’t recognize “North”, only Macedonia


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his meeting with Ivanov in Ankara reiterated Turkey’s support for Macedonia’s integration into NATO, and reaffirmed the principled position regarding the use of the constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia, according to the press service from Ivanov Cabinet.

-We are the first to recognize the constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia. What we thought then, we think now. We don’t move left or right. Turkey in diplomacy never acts ambiguously. After we have made our decision, long after we all die, the decision remains, said the Turkish President, noting that in addition to recognizing the constitutional name of Macedonia and the name of the nation, Turkey was the first country to send an ambassador to Macedonia.

The meeting also noted the need to intensify cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

-Macedonia has expressed its determination regarding our fight against terrorism, especially FETO, which is a danger to both countries. We must eradicate this organization from all over the world. Macedonia is a country that has made concrete things about this battle – pointed out Erdogan.

This is not necessarily true as Zaev’s Government junta has actually given FETO run newspapers Government funds.

  • Smith And Wessen

    But why sign the nato protocol??

    • Goran Stavreski

      He got ordered to do it by his free masons bosses.

  • Tony

    Ivanov is a pussy president
    No power what so ever no balls

    • Smith And Wessen

      I know hey being a president isnt a walk in the park. When u sign up you have to k ow what u get yourself in for. You have to know u will put your life on the line. You are in power for the last line of defense. Invanov just do somthing