Estonian Minister forced to resign after saying he is against NATO


Estonian State Administration Minister Mikhail Korb was forced to resign from his position after stating that he is not in favor of his country’s membership in NATO.

“I … might say from the perspective of Estonians, I am not for us being members of NATO”, the minister explained.

“I like the Finnish policy on this issue. But you make up your army, it still gets more expensive. You understand? The Finns are building their armies, they are separate from NATO, dealing with the protection of their own country. They are spending money for their own goals, we are wiring money to someone else, and we’re not adequately protected. These money that we’re sending into the ether, should be spend either on our own army or be given to pensioners.”

This, quite logical statement by Mikhail Korb created hysteria like the Estonians haven’t seen before. But it all started with a phone call from, you guessed it, Washington and London.
The end result was obvious, Mikhail Korb was forced to hand in his resignation for being pro Estonian.

Mikhail Korb found out you don’t say anything that will disturb the globalists. They will replace you and install their own representative, certainly not someone with a ‘crazy’ idea that instead of sending million$ to shady people in Washington and London, the money should be given to Estonians.