EU and US tell Zaev and Ahmeti to hurry up with Government formation


Zaev and Ahmeti’s handlers in Brussels and Langley appear quite nervous over the inability of SDS, DUI and BESA to quickly agree on a Government cabinet. CIA’s Mitko Burcevski aka agent Tesla has already told Zaev to wrap up the negotiations and form a Government asap.

According to our own sources in the SDS, negotiations are not going as smooth as expected and it would be a miracle if Zaev forms the Government in 10 days as he originally promised.
The primary problem appears to be antagonistic behavior between DUI’s Ali Ahmeti and BESA’s Bilal Kasami. Bear in mind that it’s not just the personal dislike between the two, but the fact DUI is completely managed by the US Embassy, while Erdogan has full control over BESA.
As a result, both BESA and DUI are trying to wrestle more control over the country, one benefiting Washington, the other Ankara.

Ahmeti has a separate issue within DUI itself. There is one section in the party which is against appointing the same people in Ministerial roles, and the Arifi wing which insists on appointing “proven” people in Ministerial positions.

Our source in the SDS confirmed Zaev and Ahmeti have been warned via local intermediaries (Burcevski) to wrap up the negotiations asap.

There is also information that DUI does not trust Katica Janeva and the SPO even though publicly they are supporting her work. The reason is, as reported by Dnevnik and Republika, Ahmeti has been repeatedly blackmailed after the elections not to enter in coalition with VMRO-DPMNE.
The SPO played tapes to Ahmeti implicating him and DUI officials in various criminal activities. The fear in DUI is that the SPO can press charges against them anytime. This is the primary reason why Ahmeti leans towards introducing fresh faces to Ministerial roles, people not blackmailed by the SPO.

In an interview with TV21, Nevzat Bejta, who as a mayor of Gostivar has been implicated in stealing money from the city’s budget confirmed that it’s better for the party to nominate “fresh people”.

BESA wants their people to be represented in departments led by DUI. Kasami wants to ensure that no department becomes completely governed by a single party seeking a “balanced Government”. This request may be accepted by Zaev and Ahmeti, considering the previous request by BESA to have the same number of ministerial positions as DUI was not accepted by Ahmeti.

According to Dnevnik’s Mariela Trajkovska, DUI has been offered 4 Ministerial positions and 2 Vice Premier roles, while BESA and the Alliance would get 1 Minister each.

DUI would get Economy, Local Administration, Education and are attempting to get Transport and Defense Ministries as well.
BESA wants the Ministry for Justice in order to push the albanian language and make it official across the country. The Alliance would get the Health Ministry.