EU MP suggests to clown Zaev to slowdown selling of Macedonia


Slovak member of the European Parliament Eduard Kukan told Macedonian journalists in a brief interview that the European Parliament looks favorably at the initial moves of the new Macedonian Government meant to remove blockades from Greece and Bulgaria to our future European integration.

“I think it is the correct strategy, but it is necessary to show patience and not damage your own interests. I welcome the new initiatives with Bulgaria, but I know that there are two very difficult and sensitive issues that are unresolved – the issue of the Macedonian language which some in Bulgaria consider to be a Bulgarian dialect and the joint commemoration of historic events”, Kukan said, adding that both are very tricky issues and Macedonia will need to show initiative, but also look after its own interests. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, after a visit to Sofia, announced that the agreement will be signed on August 2nd, when the 1903 Ilinden Uprising is celebrated.

Regarding the talks with Greece, Kukan said that the mediator Matthew Nimetz will bring no new proposals during his upcoming visit to Brussels where he is set to meet the Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias. “My God, I don’t know how much longer he will hold this office”, Kukan said of Nimetz, adding that members of the European Parliament look favorably to the initiative for talks from the new Macedonian Government. “But, the price that needs to be paid for these agreements mustn’t be at the cost of Macedonia. This is what worries me quite a bit”, Kukan added.

Regarding the tense relations between the SDSM led majority in Parliament and the VMRO-DPMNE opposition, Kukan said that he expects that the opposition supports the Government on issues that matter to both sides, and that Brussels will also evaluate how responsibly the opposition acts.

The former Slovak Foreign Minister also addressed the issue of the Special Prosecutor, for which he said that many fear that it is being abused for political vendettas. “It is important to look at the issue objectively, without political interests. It is important to investigate the issues objectively, without politically abusing the issue, but at the same time, we can’t just act as if nothing happened. The new Government will be judged based on how it solves these issues”, Kukan said.

He refrained from making estimates whether Macedonia could open EU accession talks soon, and said that Brussels would likely re-examine the political situation in Macedonia in three to four months time.

  • Its Just Me

    Wow, well if we denounce our nationality, will we need to enter EU at all? No, if we denounce our nationality and de facto become something divided between like Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and effectively, we will not be entering EU. We just will disappear, melt down.. and the EU will keep existing. Who cares what EU says? EU member states do not agree on anything, not on refugees, not on borders, helping each other in financial crisis.. They just do not care, it is pure capitalism, everybody in EU just looks after himself – so we should just do what is right – for us. And that is, get rid of zaek Zaev, the rabbit