Euro Champ HC Vardar sudden collapse as multiple players leave


HC Vardar’s main star player Kristopans has already signed for Fuchse Berlin, followed by another important player in Pavel Atman signing for HC Spartak Moscow.

Club’s goalie Gedban has already signed with Spain’s Ademar Leon, Shishakrev did a photo-op with Hungary’s Veszprem while MINA finds Skube, Dissinger and Toledo are also negotiating with other clubs.

That’s all she wrote for HC Vardar.

The reason for this sudden collapse are too many to list. However, it all started with pressure by Zaev’s junta forcing Russian born and naturalized Macedonian citizen Sergej Samsonenko to cease his investments in Macedonia. For months his bank accounts were frozen by the SDS-run Government to allegedly investigate the “origin” of Samsonenko’s funds. This resulted in Samsonenko’s inability to pay his players. In addition, another investor in the club O. Kamchev was racketeered by, you guessed it, Zaev’s government. Kamchev was detained and held in jail while blackmailed with paying millions of euros to get his passport back.