Eurostat asks how can Macedonia not have a census in 16 years?


Eurostat condemned Macedonia for postponing its census for five years. According to the European statistics organization, the census should not be a political operation and needs to be performed, registering only the people who currently reside in Macedonia, or have been absent for less than one year, MIA correspondent reports.

Pieter Everaers, head of international cooperation with Eurostat, told MIA that the methodology for conducting a census is determined by the United Nations and mustn’t be subject to political haggling. The 2011 attempt to conduct a census was cut short after disputes between the political parties and attempts to register people who permanently live abroad. The procedure is important because, under the Macedonian constitution, a community with more than 20 percent of the population receives additional minority rights. Because of this, Macedonia is in its 16th year without a census. The last census was in 2002, following the armed conflict, and it was the first under the new rules that provided greater minority rights for communities making up more than 20 percent. The census was widely to be fabricated, even the opposition admitted.

“Normally, a census is conducted each 10 years. AS a rule, politics should be separate from statistics and we need to respect the principle of professional independence. The State Statistics Bureau needs to be independent and to work according to international recommendations”, said Everaers.

  • Rob

    Maybe this is a questions beat answered by Bailey and co and the weak politicians from vmro especially.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Don’t worry the next census will show the truth. Macedonians are only 10% of the population so no need to call it Macedonia or even to exist.

    • jntoronto

      Yeah you’r ea real joker R_U_Jhoking…. intelligence quota under 70 perhaps?

      • R_U_Jhoking

        when your sarcasm is so advanced people actually think you are stupid.

  • V.M.

    Census are always done with SDS in charge…. so they can fabricate it…

  • jj

    Macedonia has new technology to prevent the falsification and fake people from the earlier census which overstated the Albanians. Despite this, the international community threatened Macedonia against publishing the results until it could manipulate things even more.

  • Chevalier

    Afraid to announce the number of Albanians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Gypsies etc?

  • Chevalier

    Why do you keep removing my comments? Is suppression of free speech the only thing you can export to the Internet? What are you afraid of? the same reason you don’t hold the census is why you keep removing my comments. FAKE nation…This is root of all your troubles. You are FAKE!