Eurovision Deja Vu? Globalists nominate Macedonian movie for Oscar, further promote “North”


Ever get the feeling like you’ve seen this before?

If the fiasco called “Eurovision” is something to go by, a below average performance by a Macedonian singer led the way at the Euro song contest, up until the last two rounds when it dropped seven spots. But the promotion was there…”North”, “North” was being blasted on Europe’s screens, spiced up with the cameras constantly showering idiot Tamara Todevska who never missed a chance to exhale “Vote for North”. Well here comes round Deux, courtesy of the same globalists.

The movie itself (remember this is a “documentary”), portrays Macedonia in the stone age while its people apparently are all Roma and dirt poor. It’s beyond idiotic, like you’d expect. It’s like going to Manhattan, but talk about it by filming in rural Alabama.

And there you have it. For the first time in the history of the Oscars, a documentary film is nominated in two categories. Ok, it really isn’t that good, in fact it makes you little sick in the stomach with all the ridiculous woke messages given out during the movie with zero subtlety! When it comes to political BS, the Oscars always deliver. The White Helmets got one!

The documentary, riding the Greta wave fared well in Europe, won awards and accolades over the past year and the protagonist Hatidze has become a symbol for raising awareness of nature and ethics and humanity in general, has come to the top of the world film recognition, the Film Agency said on Monday.

The Academy published that the “Honeyland”  documentary will compete for both the best documentary film and the best international feature language film. But, of course.

The “Honeyland” team thanked the The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for nominating the film in the race for the world’s most prestigious film award.

This opportunity to blast “North” yet again on world’s screens spiced with a “woke” message how the planet is going to hell unless we accept all sorts of Carbon taxes for the air we breath will not be missed. It’s just too good to pass up.

Our prediction is that Honeyland will win at the very least one oscar.