Evidence against SDSM & DUI Officials flooded in an office without plumbing


Suspended prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska ran half a dozen cases against SDSM and DUI officials. Sources in the prosecution confirmed that there was a case against MoI Minister Oliver Spasovski, Zoran Zaev, DUI’s Kreshnik Bekteshi, and 4 other SDSM and DUI high ranking officials in Government.

To ensure none of this documentation and evidence sees the light of day, first Ruskoska was suspended and removed from her position, and days later the very Government officials who were investigated reported that an alleged flooding has taken place in the Public Prosecutor’s building.

The documents (many of them original) were kept in an office which has no plumbing pipes. That’s where the alleged ‘flooding’ took place.

Zaev, Osmani e Bekteshi bashkë në Bukuresht për të bërë tifo ...