Ex DPNE mayor of Ohrid parties with Zaev in Skopje


On Good Friday, when most Orthodox Christians fast and avoid eating meat and drinking, SDS leader Zoran Zaev was seen partying with ex DPNE mayor of Ohrid, Nikola Bakracheski at a popular Skopje restaurant.

Nikola Bakracheski appeared to be another SDS member who inserted himself into the DPNE. During the local elections, despite getting the green light from the DPNE to run for another term as mayor of Ohrid, Bakracheski declined their offer after meeting behind closed doors with Zaev and removed himself from the candidacy.

Apart from Bakracheski, the new Minister of Health Venko Filipce sat at the same table. All three enjoyed the company of young ladies.

It certainly looks like Zaev is enjoying a rather openly single life.