Ex “Special Prosecutor” Janeva gave Ca$h to children of top SDSM officials, police chiefs


Further reviews of the spending that was taking place in the Special Prosecutor’s Office reveals that Katica Janeva was very generous with public money toward the children of SDSM party officials and security personnel who are still important to her fate.

Janeva hired Primislav Dimovski as an investigator, paying him a whopping 38.000 EUR. After the SDSM party grabbed power, Dimovski was appointed as head of the important Alfa police unit. Arafat Muaremi was also hired by the SPO and was paid 26.000 EUR since 2016. He is now head of the Financial Police and has frequently gone after opponents of the SDSM led Government.

One hire likely helped Janeva while she was detained in the Sutka prison between late August and late November. She hired Bernisa Rahic for a fee of 19.000 EUR. Bernisa is the daughter of Esad Rahic, an SDSM party official who was appointed head of the Sutka prison just before Janeva’s alleged committal there.

Another daughter of a politician was working for the SPO – Marija Vasilevska, daughter of member of Parliament Saso Vasilevski, received 14.000 EUR in fees from the SPO. Vasilevski was elected to Parliament on the VMRO-DPMNE ticket, but he swapped sides and voted together with the SDSM party in favor of renaming Macedonia, after receiving an amnesty for the charges of “terrorism” filed against him.

Still it is all small potatoes compared to the money collected by Janeva herself, estimated at 157.000 EUR in the form of bonuses alone, and about as much in a regular salary. Not to mention the money she allegedly extorted from businessmen she was illegally persecuting, which is the basis of the charges against Janeva. She awarded herself a “confidentiality bonus” that started at 1.600 EUR each month and progressed to 4.000 EUR.