Explosion hits German waste incineration facility


A severe explosion has occurred at a waste incineration plant in Leverkusen, Germany, sending toxic smoke billowing above the city with residents told to stay indoors and close all windows and doors.

On Tuesday morning, Leverkusen’s Chempark, an industrial complex for the chemicals industry, tweeted that the cause of a huge explosion at a waste incarnation plant was uncertain but called on all residents of the city to stay indoors, keeping all windows and doors firmly shut.

The message was reinforced by the Leverkusen police, who added that residents must avoid the area in which the explosion had occurred.

The Cologne Fire Brigade said it was assisting the Leverkusen Fire Brigade with its operations, adding that the smoke plume could be seen from miles away.

Footage shared online shows the smoke swelling out of the facility, which is apparently owned by the Bayer Chemicals giant, on the banks of the Rhine.

According to the city’s police department, the roads around the facility have been largely blocked off. Motorways are also affected.