Facing public criticism, UCK terrorist quits as Zaev’s advisor


“Shakiri told me that he will announce today he will step down from the position due to public reactions, SDS leader Zoran Zaev said earlier today from Ohrid.

On Monday, the government officially confirmed that Xhezir Shakiri, also known as Commander Hoxha, was appointed as external adviser to Zoran Zaev for the area of ​​internal security and radicalism. Hoxha salary, despite having not completed high school Hoxha, was 36,000 denars.

Shakiri is a former UCK terrorist who originated from Tanusevci, and in the past few days has issued several interviews related to criticism about DUI’s work and disparaging comments about the deceased police officers in Divo Naselje.

  • Its Just Me

    is he setting up an example for Zaev?

  • Legenda Patriot

    Clean up the criminals now in one blow! Let’s have our country back for our people!

  • Common Sense

    criticise as much as you want, he won’t be the only advisor in that field, and a former terrorist who speaks, is better than a terrorist who is excluded and makes plans for new strikes…

    i don’t know folks. i’m understanding, that you are disliking zaev, and that macedonia should be macedonia and not albania. but in a way, that enployment did make sense.

    Face it, albanians are part of our country, wether we like it or not. excluding them, just makes us more volatile.

    the western powers changed our regime, wether that is for our better or worse, i’m not sure. what i’m sure about is. that if a honest and good willing guy makes it to premier, he’s going to be exeuted either by either sds or vmro. so don’t expect, anything to get better.

  • Its Just Me

    For him to stay in the position, only so that he does not undertake something else – this is not a qualifying reason.
    This is a free country. Everyone can and does what they want to do.
    All nations living in Macedonia are welcomed, Albanians too. Goce Delcev wrote this over 100 years ago, calling on the Macedonians, Albanians, Vlachs and all other nations to rise against the common enemy, the Turks.
    I think we need to all rise – all together – again, against the common enemy 🙂
    Together we are stronger. Politics does not matter, it must be better for us, the citizens, who cares about the politicians (they change and can be changed)..