‘Fair and balanced’ Robot gets 1000s of votes in Tokyo mayoral race


A robot promising to be “fair and balanced” to all its constituents has picked up thousands of votes in a mayoral election in the Tama city area of Tokyo.

“Let artificial intelligence determine policies by gathering city data and we can create clearly defined politics,” said Michihito Matsuda, the frontman for the silver ‘female’ robot complete with steel breasts and a neutral, yet possibly homicidal facial expression in Tama City, Japan.

“Tama New Town was the most advanced city in Japan 40 years ago,” Matsuda said.

“As it stands, the aging population will only continue to grow, prompting a need for change in the current administration.”

“Artificial intelligence will change Tama City,”

Matsuda’s campaign slogan read and the claim clearly struck a chord with many residents as the robot garnered 4,000 votes in the race.

However, Matsuda finished in third place in the election, which was comfortably won by the incumbent Hiroyuki Abe, NHK reports.

Despite these tech-savvy connections a robot identical to Matsuda’s is still available for purchase online and the candidate’s official website was pretty poorly designed and contained apparent coding errors.