Fake “Space” company Moon Express with 0 employees is heading to the Moon


The clowns at SpaceX and NASA are getting serious competition.

NASA went to the moon with duck tape, super glue and a pocket calculator in the 1960’s, however it hasn’t been able to go back ever since, mostly, according to the US agency because there is nothing there, it’s just dirt and rocks and it’s also too expensive. NASA AstroNot Don Pettit added that the US doesn’t have the technology today to go to the Moon! What?

In addition, NASA has already stated it “lost” all of its video and telemetry evidence that it ever went to the Moon. So, officially, NASA has no evidence it’s been there. This ‘evidence removal’ of a fake trip will come in very handy should they be prosecuted in the future for swindling $1.5 trillion from US taxpayers.

When NASA lost this “treasure trove” of humans’ greatest achievement, no one said a word. No outrage, no biggy, as if nothing happened. Is this normal? You know what they say, when one person is delusional it’s a mental illness, when everyone is, then it’s normal.

SpaceX came in to take the burden off NASA and started fakeries on their own. But they appeared legit, were backed by internet/car entrepreneur. At least they tried when employees in the background during a rocket launch got the go ahead to go wild as the camera cuts away from the rocket as it tried to land (yep, the camera lost the signal right as the fakery unfolded), and then goes back to it with the rocket already landed. Can’t they hire a decent video editor? Hollywood is flooded with these guys.


So that was very believable… This was followed by both NASA and SpaceX announcing two days ago they can’t make it to Mars any time soon (some technical issues).

I’d disagree. You can absolutely go to Mars, all you need is a better graphics card, more RAM and decent CPU. Remember those awesome photos from Pluto? How lovely was that! With $20B/year it’s nice to see they can afford the latest version of Photoshop!

But not all is lost. Here comes Moon Express, a fake company with no employees or offices and a CEO Robert Richards who is absolutely hilarious, a typical con artist. And yes, this guy is going to the Moon, recently received $20m from NASA! Moon Express lists an address for a physical office which is the same as a US Airforce Museum in Florida!

Richards also established his own University, called it International Space University…. wait for it, wait for it… and his university awarded him a PhD for achievements in ‘space’. I am still waiting for my PhD from MINA University, for achievements in ‘reading’.

Everything is well put together here, make sure you watch the clown at the end of the video.

So NASA isn’t going to the Moon because it’s dust and rocks, but Moon Express is going there to mine gold and silver :-).

In case you’re curious, the Moon is nothing but a flashlight. It’s a self-luminous source, powered by whoever created it, and you cannot physically land on it.

  • mark a clark

    this rant is total bullshit. i think you are a “little dingy”, or maybe a lot dingy. these conspiracy theories are getting crazier with each passing day.

    • V.M.

      It’s ok, I was upset just like you when my parents told me Santa was not real.

  • Billy

    Gorazd, yes, sheeple are waking up, it was about damn time too.
    My cousin tells me at NASA you can’t get a good wifi signal at their offices in Houston, but they are getting sweet images from Pluto… what a f*cking joke!
    She says everything they do is faaaaake. They have more green screens at their facilities than parking spots.