Todor Petrov pushes MI6 and CIA balloon for a second referendum


Fascists and idiots come in different shapes and sizes. Unless your name is Todor Petrov, who fits the mold in both categories.
This fake Macedonian patriot, self appointed representative of Macedonians world wide and as Mirka Velinovska put it (married to lady Macedonia without her approval) came up with an ingenious idea – reports USAid run media in Skopje. Petrov is suggesting a 2nd referendum! Why?

Because the first one wasn’t successful for the planners of Macedonian genocide – and that referendum legally now and in the future is a huge barrier for any process in Parliament in changing Macedonia’s name, no matter what Parliament does. National┬áreferendum is the highest form of expression/vote and tops everything else.

Petrov’s suggestion is similar to the lunacy pushed by the globalist MI6 (CIA’s step child) in London for a 2nd Brexit vote that would allow the British authorities this time around to ensure more sophisticated fraud that keeps London in the EU. Or better yet, lets have as many referendums as needed until we finally get a “yes” vote, because, the people the first time around simply weren’t intelligent enough to know what they are voting for – this is the official story sold by the BBC.

It’s the same in Macedonia. The referendum was an utter failure for the planners in Washington. And they’re doing everything they can to reverse this. Thus, running out of used condoms and useful Northern idiots in Macedonia (Zaev, Dimitrov, Sekerinska, Mickoski, Kerim, Frckovski…), they have now engaged Todor Petrov as one of the last remaining GMO products whose only interest is and always has been $$$. Their fatal mistake is believing Petrov commands some sort of following/respect in Macedonia.

Todorov’s sudden “suggestion” was delivered to him by Reeker’s operatives in Skopje. So now, Petrov is ‘recommending’ a second referendum except this time it will be obligatory. The thing is, the first referendum was obligatory, it’s recorded in the SEC, in Parliament and the Official Parliament journal. If it wasn’t obligatory it wouldn’t be such a thorn in the eyes of Macedonia’s enemies and they wouldn’t seek another go!

And there you have it, for the American and British Nazis, Todor Petrov became their last chance to commit genocide in Macedonia.
For those who don’t know Todor Petrov… he is the man whose main concern as councilman in Gazi Baba (Skopje) after building a small patch of road was “ok, but what is my take from this contract”. But, of course. This is your savior.
Though Petrov receives funding from foreign sources, our question is for the Macedonian diaspora who are also giving great deal of money to this snake oil salesman.

Why are our citizens funding Petrov and by default undermining Macedonia?