Father sends daughters to buy ‘Blinker Fluid’


father’s video has gone viral after he sent his two daughters into a local autoshop to grab some blinker fluid and a bucket of steam as an April Fools Prank.

Rodney Herbert was parked outside the Auto Zone in Chesterfield, Michigan when his daughters walked outside the store laughing at their embarrassment on April 1st.

As the girls approached the vehicle, the oldest of the two could be heard yelling: ‘We looked like idiots!’

With Herbert barely able to keep his composure, the two sisters recount the moment they realized that the fictional items their father had told them to get were made up.

‘All of them were laughing at us,’ said the oldest as she put on her seat belt.

‘He said “If your blinker is not working you can try the bulb?” and he said that through laughter!

‘It wasn’t funny, I have never been so embarrassed in my life.’

As the younger sister tries to add her own details, the other continues on with when they realized it may be a prank.

‘Then he goes “I think someone is trying to play and April Fools joke on you,”‘ she said.

‘I was like no we have a coupon!’

Since the video was first shared, it has gotten over 40 million views.