Female version of Zaev & Zelensky is UK’s new PM


Britons do not appear to be particularly enthusiastic about Foreign Secretary Liz Truss taking over as the new prime minister, a YouGov poll published on Monday suggests. A half of people in the UK said they were “disappointed” to know that Truss would form the next cabinet and a third were “very disappointed” about such a prospect.

Only four percent of respondents welcomed the development by saying that they were “very pleased” to see Truss at Downing Street, 10 and another 18% of Britons said they were “fairly pleased” with such an outcome.

Most people in the UK (67%) appeared to be particularly skeptical about Truss’ ability to tackle the rising cost of living – a top issue on the Britons’ agenda, according to another fresh YouGov poll. Almost 40% of respondents said they had “no confidence” at all when it comes to the incoming prime minister’s potential of getting to grips with the issue.

About 40% of Britons believe that Truss would be “about the same” as the outgoing prime minister, Boris Johnson, whom she is about to replace. Slightly more than a quarter (27%) think she could be even worse and only 14% are inclined to give her more credit.

There’s been not so subtle talk that Truss is not the shiniest coin in the fountain…