Fikus Ivanov: Too bad they changed the name, congrats on NATO


Horhe Ivanov has welcomed the signing of the country’s accession protocol for NATO membership.

Macedonia’s silent president believes that, unfortunately, the fact remains that the signing of the Protocol was preceded by the conclusion of an agreement to change the constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia, which permanently damaged the Macedonian national interests.

(don’t worry, the language, identity is well protected by the junta)

The thirtieth place in the NATO Alliance for the Republic of Macedonia was deserved, having in mind that the standards of defense and the military readiness of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia have long been fulfilled, as a result of which all the governments of the Republic of Macedonia have contributed, the president’s office said in a statement.

And there is your Ivanov, DPNE’s president and ‘guarantor’ of Macedonia’s constitution.

  • neutrinoz

    If one statistically elaborate the role of all those “professors” in decline of Macedonia Eternal, conclusion pokes eyes. Myth about their intelligence-by-diploma/function is obviously fake.
    Wish more machinists Peros were in charge. Would do much better.

  • Goran Stavreski

    It would be so nice if I am not embarrassed one day for being Macedonian… One day…