Filipce lies again: 6,383 Covid tests conducted, 398 positive


Out of 6,383 COVID-19 tests carried out in Macedonia in the past 24 hours, 398 new cases were registered, 18 recovered and 4 passed away, including a 29-year-old patient, the Health Ministry said on Sunday.

MINA has reached out to staff at two different Avicena labs in Skopje. In the past, these labs were among busiest in the capital. Staff at both locations told us they have had only 32 tests total in both locations. Reached out to the Policlinic Jane Sandaski in Skopje, they confirmed 17 individuals who had taken the test, most of them did it for travel purposes.

6383 tests? What, how and where? It’s logistically and operationally impossible to achieve even 1,000 tests in the capital, there are simply few locations where tests are done, and they operate from 8am to 4pm. But the Health Ministry announced 6,383 tests? And 398 were positive?

Is anyone really buying the nonsense coming out from Filipce and the Health Ministry? And what is the real purpose of these ridiculously fake numbers? Is it to postpone the local elections?