Finance Minister Nina Grouper Angelovska unsure as businesses ask for delay of Capital Gains Tax


Finance Minister Nina Angelovska would not say whether she will examine the request to postpone the introduction of capital gains tax.

Businesses asked that this new 15 percent tax, which would hit interest from bank deposits if it’s above 250 EUR a year, as well as other capital gains, is postponed. Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angusev also asked that the capital gains tax idea is dropped, while bank deposit interest is taxed. Pressed by the left wing of the party, Angelovska said she will review the request, but would not commit to that today.

It is a matter of good will whether the proposal will be considered. We will soon prepare an analysis, and every decision will be based on data analysis and will be made in the best interest of the citizens and the real economy, said Angelovska.

Macedonian Stoch Exchange representatives, as well as officials from the Securities and Exchange Commission also called on Angelovska to at least postpone the new tax.