Firefight in Mala Rechica between DUI members, two killed


Today at around 18:20 hours gunshots rang out in the Tetovo village of Mala Rechica. Blood traces can be seen on the spot of the incident which according to our sources in Tetovo occurred between DUI’s Skopje section ran by Ali Ahmeti and DUI’s Kumanovo section which is run by Hazbi Lika. The clinical hospital reported that two people had been brought in with gunshot wounds, one was badly hurt, the other was reported as ‘dead on arrival’.

Strong police forces are now patroling Mala Recica and Kumanovo’s Diva Naselba due to the firefights of former UCK terrorists turned DUI politicians. Baily will undoubtedly have a busy day to calm Ahmeti and Hazbi Lika.

The dead DUI official is Naim Rexhepi. Namely, Hazbi Lika who holds the current role of Minister for Implementation of Framework Agreement was visited in Mala Rechica by DUI officials from Kumanovo. Lika gave them all Government posts, however outside, Ali Ahmeti had sent his people to confront the new Governmental employees because Ahmeti wanted those jobs to go to the DUI’s Skopje fraction.

The verbal fight quickly turned into a firefight which for now Ali Ahmeti’s people seemed to have gotten the upper hand. Certainly Hazbi Lika can do better than this considering he too was a high ranking member in the UCK.

It is obvious DUI has great deal of fractions within the party and at the moment there is a actual gunfight for Government positions.

Police has not detained anyone, how can they, considering DUI is part of the criminal Government.

Update: MINA has find, a second DUI official has died in hospital, though his identity is not known at this time. Just like Rexhepi, he too is believed to belong to DUI’s Kumanovo based fraction.

DUI has issued a press release (and this is not a joke) that they are not aware of an incident in Mala Rechica despite the firefight taking place in front of the door of their HQ building.

And now for the irony: The last FB status for Naim Rexhepi was: Not all who are born as men, die as a man.

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    Oh good the police did not detain anyone.. thats what I wanted to read..
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