Fires still raging in Makedonski Brod


The fire in area Matka near Skopje has been extinguished, while the ones in villages Trebovlje and Rastes near Makedonski Brod are still raging, the Crisis Management Center (CMC) said on Friday.

According to the CMC, there are active fires in almost all parts of Macedonia.

Fire-fighting units, forest enterprises, the Macedonian Army and local population take part in the fires’ extinguishing, says the CMC.

Bulgaria and Turkey are also helping Macedonia in an effort to contain multiple forest fires across the country, AP reports.

The government said Friday that additional water-dropping helicopters had been requested after fires intensified in the southwest of the country and were threatening homes, mostly in mountain villages.

The firefighting effort was being hindered by strong winds and temperatures reaching over 40C.

The government requested that businesses give pregnant and elderly employees time off during the heat wave.

  • jj

    Ask Russia to help. I think it would if asked.