Fitting: Fake Prince bestows award on fake prime minister Zaev


It’s like we live in some sort of alternate reality.
A Fake prince calling himself the “Prince of Montenegro and Macedonia” was welcomed at Macedonia’s Government HQ earlier today by child Zoran Zaev.

The fake prince’s name is allegedly Stephan Cernetich, who appears well known in Italy. Namely, the Italian police has launched an investigation against Cernetich for falsely presenting himself as a “prince” to obtain financial gain.

Cernetich is also known to try to insert himself into Hollywood, once again for financial gain, has even given a fake award to Pamela Anderson.

So the list of people being successfully tricked by a charlatan and getting fake awards are:

– Pamela Anderson
– Zoran Zaev

We need to start giving away awards…

The Imperial Royal Family of Montenegro & Macedonia, TIRH Prince Stephan, Princess Carola and son Prince Constantine,…

Posted by Stefan Cernetic on Saturday, September 15, 2018

  • Legenda Patriot

    Just what we need. Another criminal and imposter. We have more than our fair share already!