FM Kotzias removal in Athens tied to 50m euros payment to Zaev & Dimitrov


Greek media has relayed some information how much Athens paid Macedonia’s treasonous duo Zaev and Dimitrov to sign the US State Department authored “Prespa agreement”.

50 million euros.

Athens Media en large have reported that Kotzias removal from the Government came after Tsipras’ coalition partner Panos Kammenos discussed the “missing” of 50m euros from Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘secret fund’. The fund, according to Greek media was also nicknamed the “Soros Fund”. Considering Tsipras’ entire election win and campaigning was financed by Soros, the existence of these funds makes sense. In addition, Soros as part of a globalist group is heavily engaged in changing Macedonia’s name, so it comes as no surprise that his funds were used as payment to Zaev and Dimitrov.

The challenge now is, 50m euros are gone, and according to Kammenos “they were given to the wrong people who can’t get the job done”.

Kammenos here clearly alludes to Macedonia’s duo of Zaev and Dimitrov who can’t ‘get the job done, and rename the country.

The 50m euros further gives additional weight to Zaev’s statements that Greek companies would have an advantage of using “Macedonia”, over Macedonian companies.

  • Tony

    Explains why Zaev’s eagerness to push change through.
    I can’t wait for the day he rots in prison
    Or gets the death penalty

  • Maco

    50m from Greece. 50m from albania. 50m from bulgaria. Some from soros, us, nato and eu. All this money for psycho zaev to destroy the Macedonuan nation. The crazy thing is that the piece of shite is still there destroying the country at will. When will the Macedonian people stop him? It is a shame that the people, including President Ivanov, are allowing the grub to stay in power and destroy the country further.

  • Cruncher

    I have not posted to offend. However please read in full if you have the guts to read my post in its entirety.
    Macedonian people? Macedonia wrong side of the border.
    Since when did Alexander the Great speak Slavic or Bulgarian or a mix of it?
    This is so wrong. People led to believe something they are not en masse.
    There is not one word of Slavic or Bulgarian in Alexander the Great language.
    Their names, their cities, even their language even though a dialect is of Greek.
    Everywhere you go it’s Greek. So what the Greeks fought each other, big deal. So have other countries.
    Goodness gracious what Macedonian language. Their alphabet is from Greek. Constantinos and Mihalis aka Cyril and Methodus. That was their birth names.
    It’s amazing how a large mass can be converted to believe something else.
    The Albanians en masse became Muslims. I believe it is the only nationality that has converted en masse.
    Slavs came from the Carpathian mountains bordering Rumania/Hungary and Poland. The Bulgarians are a Turkic tribe from the Russian steppes around the Azov sea.
    Get educated. Real education not money planted.

    If a name was to be chosen why don’t you call yourselves the Cyrillic Republic. The gateway to the Cyrillic language for the Slavic people’s.
    I would not want to be associated with the people that are jumping up and down over Alexander the Great because they are on record fighting with KKE(the Greek Communist Party) to create a communist state. At the very least 30% of the fighters came from the borders surrounding Greece. Murder rape and let’s not forget approximately 30,000 kids were kidnapped from Greece and distributed through the eastern bloc.
    Every child’s name is on record with the Red Cross and the UN.
    Even Eastern bloc countries on record refusing for the kids to come back.
    Even FYROM residents are on record adopting the kids made them their own.
    It’s not made up propaganda, it’s all on record. Facts you cannot hide from. The Prespas agreement was signed on the same day July the 17th and the same place the KKE agreed to give Macedonia to Tito if they helped them conquer Greece.
    Tsipras Kotzias and pretty much most of the SYRIZA government are ex or current KKE members.
    Your current leader Zaev and Co are socialists wonder how much of a connection they have with the communist party and if they come from the KKE family.
    I have only stated facts. Before any lashing do follow up and you will see it is no conspiracy like the supposed 1 million genocide. BTW the photos of genocide are of other nations people’s that were murdered. Some propagandists use them deplorable behaviour. They have all been proven to be of other nations people.
    So rather despicable acts.
    Solve your problems have a DNA test. It will guarantee who u r.

  • Jole

    Maco, could not have said it better, but then we Macedonian’s enjoy misery it seems. President Ivanov should have done something long ago, though it’s still not to late now that all know how much the greeks paid these traitors, just wondering what the greeks will do cuz these stupid retards didn’t satisfy their masters. On an other note some foreign embassedors should be booted out, we all know who they are.

  • vistina

    Explains why Zaev and the whole SDSM are trying all sorts of stupid tricks. They want their secret money. They don’t care about Macedonia and Macedonians. Does Dimitrov consider himself Macedonian?