FON University charged for giving Fake diplomas to officials


Criminal charges were filed against FON University by the Sector for Internal Affairs in Kumanovo. The Deputy Secretary-General of the University, as well as the Head of Student Affairs, are under investigation. Former high ranking SDSM official Ljubomir Frckovski is the Dean of FON University.
Criminal charges were also filed against a commander of the Ministry of the Interior in charge of border surveillance and border control of Pelince.

The 45-year-old commander, D.J. from Kumanovo, advanced in his career to this position with a fake diploma issued by the university. According to the criminal charges, he was helped by 50-year-old S.Gj. from Skopje, who is the Deputy Secretary-General of the University, and 47-year-old B.R. also from Skopje, who is the Head of student affairs.

The FON employees are charged with “abuse of official position or authorization” and “forgery”, and the police commander with “forgery” and “use of false document”.