Football match in Uzbekistan turns to Kung-Fu


A footballer was seen launching a kung-fu lunge on a referee as tensions flared dramatically at the end of the crucial game between rivals Neftchi Fergana and Turon Yaypan in the Uzbekistan Pro League.

With a place in the country’s top-tier Super League at stake, visitors Turon snatched a 1-0 win thanks to an 81st-minute goal which saw them leapfrog their rivals to the top of the table and seal automatic promotion.

The result seemed too much to bear for Neftchi players, who were seen confronting the match officials in violent scenes.

One player was seen taking a lengthy run-up before launching himself in a high-kick on the referee, who was named in local reports as Shavkat Nasibullayev.

The official was sent sprawling to the turf before rolling over back onto his feet and continuing his desperate getaway while pursued by furious players and fans, to a backdrop of laughter and whelps of encouragement from the stands.